Trying to decide whether to outsource Facebook Ads?

Lots of people wrongly believe they have what it takes to manage social media accounts professionally.

Because they can entertain a friendship group of 300 on a personal profile, they imagine they’d be able to make it work in a business capacity, too.

Others think it’s only for young people, so the management of social channels is often passed to the intern or youngest member of the team.

And, of the many businesses who do outsource Facebook Ads, lots field it out to agencies that are also dealing with things like PPC, SEO, and Google Analytics.

With the ever-changing nature of social media and, in particular, Facebook and Instagram advertising, it’s often much more efficient to use someone who is totally absorbed in their field.

A professional. An expert. Someone who knows how to turn your investment into sales and leads.

Here are 5 key reasons you should consider outsourcing Facebook Ads to an independent specialist.


5 reasons to outsource Facebook Ads


1. Because you’ve never really got a consistent ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Maybe you’re getting a good click-through rate (CTR), or maybe you’re not even sure what a good CTR is?

Could your audience be getting Ad fatigue without you realising?

Is your cost per click (CPC) rising and you just don’t know why?

Or, whatever the reason, you’re just not getting enough leads or sales.

A good Facebook Ad Strategist will know how to improve and consistently deliver a ROAS that you can be proud of.


2. Because there are lots of rules to follow

If you’ve read the rules around Facebook Advertising, did you understand the terminology?

Did you know that there are certain images you need to avoid?

And certain phrases or words?

Heard of the 20% text rule?

Any mishaps can get your Ad suspended or even your account blacklisted.


3. Because tracking pixels and reporting can be confusing for the uninitiated

Marketers aren’t generally renowned for their love of numbers.

A good Facebook Ad Strategist will know how to market AND have a love for number crunching.

We can provide you with a translation whenever you need it.

Many businesses still don’t have the Facebook Pixel installed. Or, if they do, they don’t use the Standard Events.

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4. We keep in the know! 

Facebook changes all the time. What works one day won’t work the next.

And when you consider that Facebook and Instagram are always introducing new features, often without advanced warning, it makes it impossible for busy business owners or marketers to keep up.

But for a specialist like me, who spends most of her working life in the Facebook Ad Manager, it’s easier to stay up to date.

Facebook Ad Managers spot these things quickly, get straight to work at deciphering what they mean, and then run with them.


5. Because you probably don’t know how all the Ad types work and which are most effective

There are many Facebook Ad types, and also multiple variations on placements, from the Instagram Feed to Facebook Stories, and Messenger to Audience Networks.

And that’s just the start – there are so many more options to choose from.

Do you know how to make the most of a Carousel Ad?

Do you know when to use a Conversion Ad instead of a DPA?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s likely that you’re wasting money.

Facebook Ads are so much more than just boosting a post.

There’s a strategy, a funnel (budget dependent), daily analysing, optimising, scaling and then, of course, celebrating!

Do you keep hearing how Facebook Advertising is transforming businesses, and yet you can barely get out of the blocks?

You need an expert on your team.

Find out more about my Facebook and Instagram Advertising service.

“Laura is reliable, talented and committed. Having her support with Facebook Ads has taken a weight off my mind and opened my eyes to a whole new, less traditional route to market. For the first time, I actually feel like I know what I’m doing with social.”

– Chris Hill, Managing Director of The New and Used Boat Company

“Laura speaks to me in a way I understand. She’s efficient and totally trustworthy – she knows when it’s a good time to scale Ad spend and when it’s best not to. I’m really pleased with the results Laura’s generating, and they’re climbing. Hire her!”

– Nicola Gotthardt-Mills, Founder of Wear the Stars.