There are a lot of assumptions made about Facebook (in general) but specifically about its Social Media Management and Advertising. Many will consider that if you can entertain a friendship group of 300 on your personal profile then you can make it work in a business capacity. Or it’s only for young people so it’s maybe passed to the intern or youngest member of the team. Often it’s fielded out to agencies that deal with it all – PPC, SEO, Google Analytics etc. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however with the ever-changing work of Social Media and in particular Facebook and Instagram advertising its often much more efficient to use someone who is totally absorbed in their field, a professional, an expert. Someone who knows how to turn your £1 into sales and leads. Here are the main reason’s you should consider outsourcing:

1. Because you’ve never really got a consistent ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

You are maybe getting a good click-through rate (CTR) (or you maybe you don’t know what a good CTR is?), Maybe your audience is getting Ad Fatigue but you just don’t know? Or your cost per click is rising and you just don’t know why? Or ultimately you’re not getting any leads or sales – a good Facebook Ad Strategist will know how to improve and get you that ROAS. 

2. Because there are lots of rules to follow

There is terminology you can’t use, rules on how to target your copy, certain images you need to avoid, the 20% text rule – any mishaps can get your ad suspended and even your ad account blacklisted.

3. Because tracking pixels and reporting can be very confusing for the uninitiated

Marketers aren’t generally renowned for their love of numbers. A good Facebook Ad Strategist will know how to market AND have a love for number crunching. We can provide you with a translation whenever you need it.

Many businesses still don’t have the Facebook Pixel install or if they do they don’t use the Standard Events.

4. We keep in the know! 

As mentioned, Facebook changes all the time: what works one minute, doesn’t work the next day. Add to that Facebook is always introducing new features, often without advanced warning, but for people who spend our lives in Facebook Ad Manager we can spot them, decipher what they mean and then run with them. 

5. Because you probably don’t know how all the ad types work and which are most effective

There are many Facebook ad types (that’s not to mention the variations on placement from Instagram Feed to Facebook Stories, from Messenger to Audience Networks). There are so many more options to choose from. Do you know how to make the most of a carousel ad? Do you know when to use a Conversion Ad instead of a DPA?


Facebook Ads are more than just boosting a post, there is a strategy, a funnel (budget dependent), daily analysing, optimising, scaling and then of course celebrating! 

So if you keep hearing how Facebook Advertising is transforming businesses but you can barely get out the blocks let alone break even then why not get in touch. I will be able to talk to you about how best we can work together. w

“I’ve been with Virtually Savvy for 3 months and really pleased with the results. Our social media is completely managed which is great as I dont have to thnk about it. The posts are good and we are getting good levels of engagement. Also running FB ads which have seen an excellent ROI. I would highly recommend using Laura and Virtually Savvy.”I met Laura after meeting several social media agencies none of which gave me any hope that they would look after my tiny business. I met Laura and within an instance, I felt assured that she was the lady for us! Since passing over my social media to Laura, I have rarely given it a thought. She is incredibly knowledgable and is an absolute lifeline in terms of support – (even when I need to chew her ear about new business related ideas, or anything in between!) She is incredibly professional – if something isn’t quite working or needs tweaking, Laura notices before I do. I can honestly say she is an absolute asset to my business and I would be lost without her! Thank you Laura.” Jessie Sav, February 2019