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Virtually Savvy was created by me, Mum of three Laura Davis. I have a love (or some might say obsession!) with social media. Add that to my degree in Media Technology and my excellent history of project management I decided to combine these passions together. In my previous business and previous employment, I was always at my happiest when any social media or online work came to the top of my to-do list. After many years helping individuals and businesses with their online social media problems I decided it was time to make it a successful business.  Virtually Savvy has gone on to support and progress the social media and advertising requirements of a variety of businesses.

I’m keen to help thriving businesses or brand new start-up’s with their social media and Facebook Advertising to enable them to focus on what they’re good at. Using Virtually Savvy is a hassle free way to get the job done without the need or cost of recruiting trained staff.

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Don’t know what you need? Where to start? Confused between hashtags and Geotags, and Stories and virals? Don’t be. Drop me a message and I’m happy to help.

My email is laura@virtuallysavvy.co.uk or call me on 07968784076

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