Competitions are a great way to grow a Facebook page and increase engagement, and we all know engagement is key to a successful Facebook Page. There are however rules that need to be adhered to and also Terms and Conditions that should be referred to in your competition post.

The official rules can be found on Facebooks Website here (section E – Promotions). But in summary:

  • You can ask people to like your page
  • You can ask people to like your post
  • You can ask people to comment/add a photo to comments
  • You can’t ask people to share your post
  • You can’t ask people to tag their Facebook friends.
  • You must have terms and conditions that you refer to in your post.
  • Your terms and conditions must state that Facebook is in no way associated competition.

A few more tips from me in regards to running a successful Facebook Competition:

  • Don’t make it too complicated.
  • Don’t ask too much of your audience, the more you ask the less response.
  • Do encourage people to comment as that makes it easier to contact the winner.
  • Don’t keep a competition live for too long.
  • Do ensure you stick to the terms and the condition of entry.
  • Add you T&C’s to the notes section of your Facebook Page or to your Website and link to it in your post.

To pick winners at random why not try this great website.

I hope this helps. Any questions then give me a shout or why not come and share your successes in our Facebook Group for business owners.

Free Terms & Conditions Document

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