“I love Facebook” – that’s something that many Facebook page admins don’t say especially business owners. It can be a really tricky platform and I share all of my tips in my 1:1’s and workshops as I’ve been really lucky to work on some amazing accounts and I’ve had brilliant success. It’s always good to be able to share that learning with other people battling with the Facebook algorithm.

Some parts of Facebook aren’t widely known and these are the bits that get a “wow” or “I NEVER knew that” in my workshops. Most commonly it’s about the Facebook pages feed. So I asked on my Instagram Stories if anyone else knew about it and many business owners didn’t so I decide to write this quick blog.

So, what is it?

So as an individual person you go onto Facebook and scroll your newsfeed – this is where you see all your friends and businesses you follow (and ads). When you think about your business there may well be businesses you want to follow and engage with, but let’s face it you don’t want work content filling your personal feed from noon till night. You can, therefore, keep them out of your personal newsfeed and add them to your business feed. This isn’t perfect I will admit, maybe due to it not being accessible on mobile but it doesn’t help you organise your feed.

Where do I find it?

Two ways of finding your feed. Some pages have the link on your page on the right-hand side under your follower numbers like in this image:

 If you can’t see this, doesn’t panic. Many have vanished so you can use this direct link: www.facebook.com/InsertYourPageName/pages_feed

Once you click on this it may well have businesses in the feed and this is where you have selected to “like a page as your business” so you may feel the need to delete if no longer relevant. It may also be an empty feed.


How to use it:

You can then start to add more business pages to your feed. My advice would be to follow:

  • Businesses that are influential – i.e. they have the same type of audience and could influence their audience to like your business – in theory. This doesn’t have to be big brands – it could be your local wine bar if you’re a local business is aimed at women – for example
  • Businesses that produce great content that you can share with your audience
  • Businesses that produce viral content that will appeal to your audience.

Basically all of those businesses that could bring value to your business however big or small.


Because Social Media is all about engagement. This gives you the chance to comment on businesses as your business and freely engagement with their posts and comments. It’s also great for brand awareness as your name will be popping up everywhere.

It gives you a great way to find content so when you’re planning your content strategy for that month you have a great resource at your fingertips without the distraction of your personal newsfeeds.

I hope this is useful and of interest to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you use the feed, if at all? Is it a long-ignored feature for a reason? I’d love to know.

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