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An update from me, Laura, the founder of Virtually Savvy. I won’t be updating this blog for a while and I wanted to let you know why.


Introducing my second business, The Hub for Social Media Managers.

The Hub for Social Media Managers is a resource and training platform for independent social media pros.

I built The Hub to help social media specialists like me get their businesses off the ground. I’ve been doing this for years now so I’m well-established but I do still remember those early days.

I had experience using social media for my own business and I’d recently completed a 6-month training course. I had the social media skills but none of the tools or support I’d need to build a sustainable business. I got there in the end but it wasn’t easy.

My business partner Laura Moore had been through the same and we’ve watched many friends follow in our footsteps.

And so Laura and I came together to develop The Social Media Manager Toolkit, a resource pack with training and support, to help social media pros win clients and keep them coming back.

The Social Media Manager Toolkit and instantly popular Facebook Group evolved into The Hub, which now includes a membership and courses.

It’s a new direction for me but there are strong links between what I’m doing with The Hub for Social Media Managers and what I’ve long felt and believed in as the founder of Virtually Savvy.

“I want to be a part of a fairer, more honest social advertising industry, where businesses can trust the professionals they’re paying, and a good return on investment comes as standard.”

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Laura Davis and Laura Moore - Introducing The Hub for social media managers.

I’m incredibly proud of what Laura and I have built with The Hub so far and I’m excited about what’s next.

What does this mean for Virtually Savvy?

The Facebook Advertising work I do with clients through Virtually Savvy is as important as ever.

I recently became a Facebook Blueprint certified Media Buying Professional (you can read about that on Instagram) and I invest in a professional Facebook Ads membership that means I’m learning new things every day.

I will continue to invest in training to keep those skills fresh; they serve me well in both businesses.

One of the key things on offer over at The Hub for Social Media Managers is The Ads Course. I teach other independent professionals like me to get the most out of Facebook’s advertising platform.

Teaching has always been a part of my work in some way. I’ve trained other social media managers for years and I get a lot out of it.

I understand Facebook Advertising more after having taught it. It’s made me better at my job.


I’ve been hands-on running two businesses – what have I learnt?

Working on The Hub for Social Media Managers alongside Virtually Savvy has helped me develop my skills in other areas. I’m learning more about business and strategy as I operate a second venture with a different business model and market.

It adds a new perspective and it’s brought lots of reminders and new lessons.

For one, it’s reinforced my belief that social media doesn’t work on its own.

A strong website, for example, will work wonders for sales and lead generation. And if you’re generating those sales and leads, you need to have the systems and processes in place to deal with them.

In the same way, there’s no point in collecting email addresses unless you have an email marketing strategy in place.

I’ve learnt those things first-hand now, through running The Hub, and they’re lessons I can pass on to my Facebook Ad clients.

Another thing I’ve come to realise through running The Hub is the value of a strong reputation. Who you are as a person or how you behave as a company will have a much bigger impact on your business than the number of followers you have.

For me, working independently as a freelance social media specialist, and for the brands I run advertising campaigns on behalf of, it’s about building a relationship with a relevant audience.

Take the time to get to know people and give them the opportunity to get to know you. That’s what makes the biggest difference.

How does The Hub affect my availability?

As much as these two businesses complement each other, it does mean that my time is now split.

I don’t have much capacity for Facebook Ads clients now and so I only take on clients when it’s worth it (for both of us).

If you represent an established or growing brand in the home, interior or lifestyle sectors, I’d love to hear more from you.

Get in touch here.

And if we’re not quite right for each other, I’ll handpick another specialist from my network of over 2500 independent social media professionals.

Facebook Advertising is a specialist skill but I train others to use the platform effectively. I keep in touch with the best students and I’ll only ever refer you on to someone I trust.


What’s next for Virtually Savvy and The Hub for Social Media Managers?

With The Hub, Laura and I have grown an audience of over 2500 focussed customers, generated consistent sales and built a reputation within the industry, all in a relatively short space of time. The business grew quickly and it’s become more than either of us had planned for but we’ve loved every minute of it.

We’ve found our feet now and, as ever, we look forward to adding more value for the amazing community of people we’ve brought together.

For Virtually Savvy, my focus is on maintaining great results for my Facebook Advertising clients.

We’ve had some hits lately, including increasing a new client’s ROAS from 3 to 7 in the first month and building leads for another client at a cost of £3 per lead on a product that retails in the six-figure region!

Past successes include:

If I can keep producing results like those (and better) for clients who trust me then I’ll be happy.


Need an expert Facebook Advertiser and think we might be a good fit?

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