I felt it was about time to put my phone down and stop Instagram-ming, Tweeting, Pinning & Facebooking and let you know a little bit more about me, the Social Media addict behind the business Virtually Savvy.  I am Laura, married and a mother of three young children. Aside from social media, I love cake, gin & emojicons!

Virtually Savvy grew into a business slowly but I took the leap of faith when I realised I was helping friends and then friends of friends with their business Social Media for free whilst also juggling another business and being a busy mother. Leaving me little actual time to ponder my future career – ironic isn’t it? Having been predominantly at home with my children for 6 years. It took a while for me to realise the obvious was staring right at me. In fact, I think I’d dismissed a good few comments from people saying “you should charge people”, “gosh how do you know all of this!”.  I suppose I just waited till the time was right, my eldest was in school, my daughter soon to start and my youngest was happily enjoying nursery, so time started to be on my side (it had been a long time coming!). So Virtually Savvy began.

However, I didn’t just wake up one morning and be good at social media – it was a slow process and fortunately, I enjoy to learn! Having a Media Technology Degree really helped with giving me some technical foundations too although social media was all about MySpace then!! My love of social media started from a personal level as opposed to a business level, I would love the process of sharing and of finding out about other people, and then as social media grew in the UK, businesses too. I would often turn to Instagram or Facebook as a way to find a business or product whereas I know most would turn to Google! I knew it worked and I could see the strengths of how using it would benefit any business.

Where It Began

My previous career pre-children, so before 2010, was working within the voluntary sector and I think this was the turning point for how my love of social media from a “business” perspective changed and then I couldn’t get enough, it was so much easier to reach our “customers” and also to engage with them. After the birth of my first child and subsequent redundancy (I promise it had nothing to do with spending too much time on Facebook at work), I decided to follow my other love – baking! I set up a Cake Business and was lucky enough teach at a fabulous cake studio.
From Cake Designer to Social Media Manager

Cake International

I loved cake decorating and seemed to have a real skill for it and it consumed my life, could be worse things hey?! But you guessed it, it became clear that I loved the social media side of running a business more than the cake. I loved the creativity that Instagram bought and the wealth of love of all things cake on Pinterest, I lost many a day, evening, week to pinning and tweeting.  It was a real passion and it has taught me so so much about Social Media. So having run my own business with successful social media platforms, subsequently helped launch other businesses social media I felt it was the right time to make my passion a business.
I am loving it too, it is a real joy and I’m also enjoying having the flexibility of working for myself meaning I get to spend quality time with the children. The variety of working with a mixture of clients from small fashion brands to huge bloggers keeps my day to day work exciting and varied.
I hope you enjoyed my little story and I look forward to getting to know you and helping your business bloom. If you want to find out more feel free to contact me.
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How I made the leap from Small Business Owner to Social Media Manager. It involved cake, three children and a love of all things social media. #socialmedia #socialmediamanager #smallbusinessowner #smallbusiness


How I made the leap from Small Business Owner to Social Media Manager. It involved cake, three children and a love of all things social media. #socialmedia #socialmediamanager #smallbusinessowner #smallbusiness