Facebook & Instagram Ads – Kickstart your business

Have you seen people doing well with sales or business growth and you can’t get the same return? Chances are they’re keeping Facebook and Instagram happy AND their audience happy organically. However, they’ll also be utilising the power of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. If you feel you need to up your Facebook Ads game then here are my top tips to getting started.

Detailed below is the advice I’ve given to many businesses who are after leads, sales or downloads. It’s all relevant regardless of your business type.

6 things to do now:

1. The Facebook Pixel – it’s not as scary as it sounds. It’s a small piece of coding that can simply (it really is simple) be added to your website so you can track if your ads are getting people to your website/landing page. Why spend money on ads if you don’t know if it’s working

2. Standard Events – this is a tad more coding that needs to be added so you know when you get a result as a direct result of your Ad. I.e. how many sales, leads etc the best way to see your ROI.

3. A full detailed understanding of your audience. Like all social media, it’s good to have more than gender, location and age. We need to know where they shop, where they work, if they have a family, are they married? What do they read?

4. If location specific you need to have an understanding of your geographical boundaries.

5. A budget – Facebook Ads used to be considered as advertising for the big boys but it’s not. It’s actually a really cost-effective way of advertising. Imagine spending £500 in a local paper where a third end up in a ditch (or is that just around here?), or go straight in the fire or recycling. Those papers go through the door of people who aren’t your target audience. fact. There is none of this with Facebook ads it’s all extremely targeted – money well spent.

6. Understand your audience’s pain point and how your product or service can relieve the pain – essential for your ad creative.

If this information overwhelmed you but you’re eager to crack on then I can help you by:

You can contact me to discuss any of these options and I’m more than happy to help and answer any questions. Or check out my Instagram and Facebook for more top tips.